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Heritage Seafoods

Quality Frozen Seafood Products

Heritage Seafoods (UK) ltd is a unique trader that offers quality frozen seafood products direct from Norway, Iceland, Russia and the USA. To which are only a few of the areas that Heritage trade in.

For more Information contact Ian Lee Call us : 07791 163725

Knowledge & Experience

Heritage prides itself for its vast experience and wealth of knowledge in the processing, wholesale and the retail sector of the seafood industry and foresees this as an important part to the business.

  • Established for over 40 years.
  • Family owned quality based business.
  • A track record of delivering quality products.

Our Vision

Heritage’s vision is to make a difference of excellent service to a highly competitive industry. It has enlisted experienced professionals to provide a high quality service to the seafood industry. It has researched in depth the needs of the industry and now has launched a much welcome range. Its close links with factory trawlers makes them very competitive in an ever increasingly difficult market